Taking Care of Business – The Holidays Day 15

Part of the reason that I traveled back to the United States over break was to visit family and friends, and I have done plenty of that. The other reason was to relax a little bit and get ready for the next semester of teaching at my school in Korea, and I am feeling refreshed right now. But one of the main reasons that I came back was to take care of some things that needed to happen so I could get my visa for the next school year. There are a lot of ends and out that need to happen that is just easier to take care of in the United States instead of a foreign country. If you are one of those people experiencing the need of doing this right now, it is worth the loss of a headache to take that long flight to get these things done in your home country because getting in touch with those agencies you need to talk to overseas makes it hard to get things done.

Copies of Degrees – When I first moved overseas I started a file where I could keep all of my significant documentation and brought that small folder with me. One of the things that I needed to bring with me was all of my degrees because a piece of strong card stock with some ink from the college I graduated from always proves how equipped I am to take on the job that I do. Even with this file, I have had to go through it over the last four years, and I have misplaces one of my degrees because of the renewal of my state license, so I have had to schedule a time with the registrar of my college to get a new one printed up. This is hard to do over the holiday season because they are closed more than usual, but they are also on campus more than you would expect during the break. I would recommend making an appointment so they know all of the information that you need or you might have to come back later to get what you need.

Sealed Transcripts – This is actually really easy to do. Just do not open them when they arrive. It is a little hard to get your college to send this documentation overseas, so I am happy that I came home to pick them up. I just had them mailed to my parents’ house and got extra copies in case I ever needed a new one further down the road. I can now place that extra copy in the folder I told you about. They do usually cost anywhere from ten dollars to fifteen, but they can be order on-line from any college. I did find it hard to navigate the website to find the place where I could order one, but if you just type in the word registrar, it should take you to that page really quick because this is something that most colleges are asked about on a regular basis.

A Copy of the School’s Accreditation – Not every country asks for this one in order to get your visa, but, just like the transcripts, it does need to come in a sealed envelope. Schools are also not used to having this request. The school I am working for gave me a copy of what the document looks like and I was able to find an email address for my registrar so I could show them what I needed and if they could put it together for me. I got on this a long time ago because it took a lot of back and forth between and the registrar before I was able to get them to find what I needed, but all colleges should have this document somewhere on file. The college I attended for my master’s degree did not have this email address and I needed to call the registrar from across the ocean. In order to get them during the time that they were up, I had to get up early in the morning to make the call which was a pain in the butt; however, the call did not cost much. Skype gives you the option to make these long distance phone calls for a fraction of the price if I had tried to make the same call on my cellphone. You just need to make sure you put the money on your Skype account before making this call. I have done this recently and I find it to be a lifesaver with other issues and emergency phone calls I have had to make overseas. I would recommend doing this for just such occasions.

A Confirmation Letter for Teacher Registration – This is another one that not all countries will ask for, and this is one that the schools will not have on file. The school, once again, gave me a copy of what it should look like which I was able to email to my college, but it took a little more back and forth to get the document I needed. Once again, it needed to come in a sealed envelope. I found that I was able to accomplish this one quicker through a phone conversation rather than getting it done through email. I was still able to do it without spending that dollar on the overseas phone call, but I do think it was a dollar well spent.

Police Clearance Report – This was the one that was most difficult to obtain. It does need to be a background check from the country that I am from, and the one that I live in right now. I have heard horror stories about getting this done in South Korea and that it might take anywhere up to six months to get it done, so the earlier you can start on the process the happier you will be. I have also found out that there are many different types of reports, so you should check with you employer about which one they are really going to need. Doing it in the United States has been really easy. In fact, I am getting two kinds of them. I was able to get one from the city I used to live in, and it only took them 24 hours to process the information. I just went down to the police station, showed them my ID, and they went to work. I am also going to get an FBI background check. This used to be a long process that required me to get fingerprints and then send them off to the FBI to wait a month later for the information that I needed. But due to them finally catching up to the digital age, you can go to a center and get this information processed within 48 hours. In this case, it is a lot easier to do it in your home country instead of trying to explain the process to a police officer who speaks a completely different language and is not familiar with the process.

Even though, it has been nice to relax and visit with family and friends, I am glad that I came back to America over the break to take care of all of this other stuff as well. There have been a couple of stumbling blocks along the way that have been easier to take care of here then in South Korea. I know some of you will find this information useless, but for those of you going through the process, I hope it helps you obtain that work visa easier, and without as much stress. I know as a teacher, my life is already stressful enough, and the easier I can make this process, the better off I will be to able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Thanks for listening.

If You Don’t Like the Weather in Colorado – The Holidays Day 15

While I was growing up in Colorado, there was this idea that Colorado, even in the heart of summer, was always covered in snow. Logic would tell you otherwise, but still when I talked to people from other parts of the United States, they would always ask if I got sick of the snow. I blame Monday Night Football for this perception. It was the only time that the United States collectively turned their attention to this state which at the time had people leaving it in droves because of the economic collapse of the oil market. But for some reason, every time the Broncos played on Monday night, there would be a blizzard. It didn’t matter if this happened in December or September, the game would be a slick and slippery fumble fest. Though these games were fun to watch, they forever cemented in the mind of the public that Coloradoans lived in an icy landscape. And I know for those of you who still believe this to be true that I shouldn’t tell you this because you will instantly want to move to the state and make a place that is becoming slowly overcrowded even more crowded, but this perception is false.

Yes, Colorado gets snow, and at time there are some huge dumps that bring the city to a halt. Yes, the temperature does drop sometimes to frigid levels that threaten frostbite for anybody who ventures outside unprepared. But the reality of the situation is that these moments are not as consistent as Monday Night Football would have the rest of the nation think came about. And yes, the mountain do get a considerable amount more snow than the plains or the front range gets, but keep in mind that Denver is on the front range which is on the fringe of the plains, and it does not get the amount of snow that the ski resorts and the mighty peaks of the Rocky Mountains get. Weather wise, Denver is actually a really great place to live.

There is a saying in Denver, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” Now this might seem like a little bit of an exaggeration, but not as big of one as you would think. There can be fluctuations of temperature on any given day that goes all the way down to nine degrees in the morning to sixty degrees by mid-afternoon. The snow that comes one day will quickly disappear because of this sudden rise in temperature. So even though, it does dump from time to time, it does not stick around long enough to make you hate the fact that there is always snow around. There are more days of sunshine than Los Angeles. In fact, Denver averages 300 days of sunshine in any given year. Yes, sometimes those days of sun are cold, but a lot of the time, they are warm and sunny. Yesterday is a great example of this. Even though, the temperature was frigid as we rung in the New Year, and there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground, I was able to walk around outside without a hat, and my jacket completely unzipped yesterday. If I really wanted to, I could have walked around with only a light jacket on. And it is supposed to be even warmer today. It is this constant change in weather that makes Colorado always an interesting place to live in.

So if you happen to watch a football game that is being played in Denver, and you see them playing a blizzard, know that this is not always the case, and it is just Colorado’s way of fooling people into believing that it is always cold and snowy.

The Reason I Love Snow – The Holidays Day 14

On the las day of my creative writing class, after my students had turned in their play which was their final, it started to snow. The kids were fascinated by it. Now it does snow in Seoul on a regular basis. During the heart of winter, you get to see at least one snow fall a week. But what made this snow so noteworthy was the fact that big huge fluffy flakes quickly fell to the ground and covered it with its pure whiteness. This type of snow does not happen very often in Korea. Usually it dusts the ground, and after people stomp on it, it turns into a sheet of ice waiting to break the next unsuspecting person’s hip. This lasts for a couple of days before the temperature makes it disappear. So when I saw this snowfall in Seoul that eventually collected about three inches of accumulation, it brought me back to Colorado and the snow falls I used to enjoy there.

Colorado needs this snow during the winter; otherwise, it is a really ugly place. It once was called the Great American Desert for a reason. It is not the desert that comes to mind when most people hear the word desert. There are not rolling sand dunes or tiny ponds that act as oasis. Instead, it is incredible dry with a few trees populated the landscape that can survive in such harsh conditions. During the winter months, these trees lose their leaves, and they look like dead sticks poking out of the brown dead ground. It is a depressing sight to see. Add on to this cold, bitter wind and you get an environment that nobody wants to visit, let alone live in. That is why the snow becomes so important. It covers this ugly, barren landscape and makes it worth looking at. In fact, if I do not have to venture out into it to get things done quickly, it is easily one of my favorite landscapes to look upon.

There is something pure and innocent about a huge field that it covered in untouched snow. It takes away all of the imperfections of the place and turns them into a uniform blanket. Sometimes you will get to see a bird hop around on the sheet or a deer emerge from its hiding place to admire the view, but for the most part, it is left untouched as if nature had never felt the footsteps of man upon it before. The scars that the land bares are covered up, and all that is left is white.

On those days that I get to sit there with a cup of coffee and look out the window on the snow are days where the schedule no longer matters. I can let the agendas of others go away, and just spend the day look at the snow fall, covering the earth in its purity. I look forward to snows, real snow falls, not the inconvenient inch that Seoul experiences on a regular basis. And oddly enough, it is the one thing that I miss the most from my move to South Korea. I feel at home now that I came back to Denver and it welcomed me with a nice snow that I can enjoy. It made returning home like that snow I saw as the semester came to end, and I thought about being back in this icy environment. It is this reason that I, unlike so many other people in the world, love the snow.

The Journey to Ring in the New Year – The Holidays Day 13

I got up this morning in a new house in a new state starting a new year. The remains of last night’s festivities were strewn out on the countertops and the floor. As I sipped my coffee I was able to reflect on how I made it to this place last night, and how I was lucky to be with such a festive group as I rang in the new year. There were many times yesterday when I did not think it would have happened.

It reminded me a little of Planes, Trains and Automobiles as we tried to figure out how to get all the way down to Castle Rock and the party before the clock struck midnight. It started off with getting booted from the original flight that we were supposed to take, and having to wait around the Redmond airport until the next flight into Denver at 3:13 that same day. I was a little worried about the flight leaving because there were reports of snow and rough conditions coming from Colorado, but there were no problems with the flight or the landing. In fact, the in-air experience went rather smoothly. When we landed, things changed. The airport was crowded with people trying to get to different destination and trying to get their baggage. When we finally found our baggage claim carousel, it was packed with people because there were 13 flights all waiting for their bags at the same spot. It took a little while, and it was still only 8:00. We had plenty of time to make it to that party.

But we still had to find a way to get all the way through Denver to the southern town of Castle Rock. Our original ride could not pick us up that late, and we had to find another form of transportation. A cab ride all the way down there was close to $75, so we looked into a rental car. Priceline.com is a great resource for this, especially if you are looking into it on short notice. We were able to get a good car, a Kia, for a reasonable price for the next week and from a reputable company, Hertz. If we had booked it earlier, we might not have been so lucky. We went and got our car and took a slow drive down south through the snow, dodging cars and trucks driving way too fast to make it to the party.

We were greeted by my family as they were already in full swing. It was a great way to get back together with everybody all at once. And we were there three hours before they showed the ball dropping again from our part of the world. Despite all of the little road blocks we met along the way, we were able to make quick compromises to solve the problems that we encountered. I guess this is the true sign of a world traveler because things will not always go as expected, especially during this time of the year when you are forced to contend with crowds, and weather. The fight was tough, but it was completely worth it to see my family again and enjoy signing off on 2018. It makes me confident that the troubles we will see in the next year will be nothing, and whatever problem comes out way, we will be able to handle it with ease.

I hope your solutions to your problems are as simple in the coming year as well. Happy New Year!


Another Satisfied United Customer – The Holidays Day 12

I used to work at the Smoking Lounge at the Denver International Airport. The money was good, and it served a purpose, but it made me realize how terrible air travel actually is. I used to think of airports as this magical place that would whisk people away to various destinations, so everybody should be happy when they visited them. But when I started to work in the airport, I met a lot of unhappy people. Now I do have to keep things in perspective. I worked in the only place in the airport where people could have a cigarette, and we had a one drink minimum at the place. If you want to piss off a smoker who has not had one during a long international flight really quick, just tell them that they have pay in order to get that fix.

But in all fairness, they were not always complaining about their inability to feed their addiction. Many of these people came in with complaints about their airline, United. There were many times where people were bumped from their flights because the company overbooked, and they did not really care about it either. Why should they? It wasn’t their problem.

I do remember coming in to the airport for work and coming in the east entrance because this was the place that had the better parking spots. It was also the side that United did their checkins. It didn’t matter what time I would come in for my shift, there was always a long line of passengers waiting to get on their flight, and only a couple of people working the counter to help all of these people. I could see how some of the frustration that people experienced with this company came from that as well.

I never gave it much attention because I worked on concourse B which was controlled by United so I just believed that I heard all of the complaints from this company because of location. If I worked on one of the other concourses, I would hear complaints about Frontier or Delta. It wasn’t until I got to experience the happy people who work for this company that I started to realize that the complaints that people made were true. I was yelled at in the long line I had to wait through to check my bags. I barely made it to my gate because of the slow way the moved people through that line. And when I got there, they delayed the flight until they could find somebody to give up their seat because they once again overbooked.

I got to enjoy the wonderful customer service that United Airlines has once again this morning. I am stuck in the Redmond Airport right now because they would not let us get through security to get on our plane. I had to stand in a line for forty five minutes that was only twenty people long as they had to deal with individual customers for ten minutes at a time. Premier Access customers were allowed to cut in line for flights that were not leaving for another hour so they could slow down the two employees even more. We had another ten minutes before they were officially boarding but we were denied as well as ten other passengers behind us going on the same flight. There was a group of dissatisfied customers who are stuck in Redmond for another night because they could not accommodate their customers. And the attitude I got from the employees was, I don’t care because I am getting paid.

Now this might come across as a person who is mad because they missed their flight, but according to J.D. Power and Associates’ survey from May of this year, Unites Airlines ranks the lowest out of any airlines in customer satisfaction. I knew this before I flew because this was where they have ranked when I worked at the airport so many years ago, and through a series of filing for bankruptcy over the years, they have done nothing to improve this rating. It makes me wonder how this company is still in business. It is just another company that I will avoid in the future because of days like this.

The Year Must be Coming to an End – The Holidays Day 11

You know it must be the end of the year when the only thing on tv is bowl games. The NCAA seems to go a little overboard with the amount of games that they want to get in before they finally get to that National Championship, and I am happy that they have finally put together a little playoff system to prove to everybody that the four teams they have picked deserve to be there. But the lead up to it and the payoff afterwards is a little ridiculous. It seems that every team that won at least six games is given the opportunity to attend one of these prestigious bowls. I was even told that if they keep on adding games at the rate they are going, they will need to lower their requirements to make sure that there are teams playing in all of the bowl games. But there are a lot of corporate sponsors out there and they need to make sure that their products get seen on any of these major television events. The next time you watch a game try to see how many times they are able to have product placement as the game goes on. After watching the Orange Bowl last night, I have a sudden urge to drink Gatorade while talking to people on my At+t phone, wearing my Nike shirt, and Ander Armor shoes, going to the Hard Rock Cafe in my car with the protection of Goodyear tires, and paying for it all with my Capital One credit card. This is without even talking about the commercials I saw during the game, or the sponsors that the announcer told me about. I sure am glad that the NCAA is a non-sponsor organization and doesn’t need all of these corporate sponsors to help their student athletes get that degree in communications that they need.

Speaking of commercials, you know it must be the end of the year when you see advertisements for health improvements in the newspapers, and television. Now these might be out there all the time, and it is only this time of the year that I think about them, but there seems to be a lot of commercials for diets, and gym memberships. I do agree that it is important to be healthy and I am glad that people take this moment in life to resolve to be better about their health. Of course, they usually start this new trend that day after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and eating tons of food devoid of any nutrition. It is only a matter of time before a lot of us give up on these resolutions and go back to the lifestyle we are more comfortable with, but I am sure that there are a few people out there that achieve their goals, and become more healthy. To those people I applaud you. I think the thing that would help the most would be that we resolve to make this change throughout the course of the next year. At least this gives us twelve months to feel better about ourselves, and we stumble a little bit in the beginning, we can pick ourselves back up and try to work on that improvement later on. Lately, I have also been seeing commercials for plastic surgery as well. I do not think that these are timed well. People do not go into the new year thinking that they will work on looking and feeling better and go straight to the surgeon. They start with the gym and the diet. If the plastic surgery commercials came out a month later then they would be more impactful to those that did not do well on their resolution, and they might be more willing to go with this option. I still think it is better to keep on working at that healthier lifestyle because in the long run you will be better off for it. Just remember that it is all about the baby steps, and you can’t make huge changes in the midst of a midnight, ball-dropping kiss.

You know it must be the end of the year when you start to see the skeletons of dead trees piling up in the parking lots of your local libraries. Okay, they might not always happen in the library parking lots, but for some reason, it is the place I always picture this drop off place being. It is some parking lot that is no longer in use because more people go there during the warmer months or because people just don’t go there much anymore. There is usually a big wood chipper sitting nearby, waiting to send them to that big compost heap in the sky. If you go at the right time, you might even see a bunch of boy scouts standing around hoping to learn how to use a wood chipper, but in reality, that is what the scout masters are there for. The bring the boys so they can point the customers to the place where they can put their dead trees, as if it isn’t already obvious. I am proud of the boy scouts though this year. They have made great strides to make sure that their program is more sustainable by allowing girls to join. I know that there are a lot of people that will disagree with me, but girls should be given the opportunity to learn about the wood chipper just as much as the boys should. When I was working with the Experiential Education program at my last school, we did not think about whether it was appropriate for girls. We just thought about what would be the best experiences that we could bring to our students, and where would they get the most out of that experience. Life experiences are not a gender specific topic, and it might actually help the socially awkward kids that gravitate to boy scouts become more comfortable mixing with each other. As long as that mixing takes place outside of the tents of course.

A Wintery Walk – The Holidays Day 10

One of the things that I miss the most while living in South Korea is the ability to go outside and take a stroll after a nice snow storm. I can do it, but I find myself deep in the city crowd, and it is not really fun because the wind bites, and the cold digs down deep into my bones clinging to them for hours after I return home. Being in Central Oregon at Black Butte Ranch, I was able to take the time to go out on one of these walks through the various bike paths and enjoy the scenery and the calm and quite.

Black Butte Ranch turns into a place where I can breathe easier and reflect on life during the winter. When I left on my walk, I thought that I would be the only person out on the bike paths, but I was surprised at the amount of people out there doing the same thing. Most of them were families taking the time away from their televisions and warmth of their houses to enjoy what the Ranch has to offer. Or they were out to give their dogs a little bit of time in the snow. But they were few and far between, so most of the time I felt like I had the whole place for myself.

Every turn took me to a place I was familiar with due to all of the time I have been able to spend out here during the summer. But with a blanket of snow over it all, it gives it a new look like it was the first time I was seeing it. I know I was out on the Ranch by myself, and not sharing these moments with anybody else, but it was the fact that I was out there by myself that made me feel like I was walking away with something that was completely mine. It was the walk that returned me to a simpler time when I had these moments to myself instead of the hustle and bustle and the constant contact of the busy city.  Even though it was a little bit of exercise, the walk was the thing I needed in order to recharge the batteries I needed to take on the last semester at my school.

I love the activity that can be found at this vacation spot during the summer as I hear the voices of children laughing from the various pools or the folks taking their voyages on the horses that they can rent out there, but I think the winter time is my favorite time at the Ranch. The fact that there is not as much to do forces me to take the time to stop and look at the Ranch a little more closely. The ruddiness my cheeks gathered and the calm I collected made it one of my favorite moments on this trip so far.