The Sea of Death

As I traverse along the Sea of Death,
Watching the salt water consume the land,
I roll down the window to take a breath,
And ride the wind with the play of my hand.

The ticking clock does not dictate my day,
And there’s no rush to where I’m not going.
I know the sea wishes for me to stay,
But the wheels on the road keep on flowing.

I do hear your tempting voice luring me
To spend the afternoon floating on you,
But there are places I still want to see,
And I will come back after I am through.

You are a part of all our destiny,
Until then I will live a life that’s free.

The Close of the Day

The sun sinks slowly over the meadow,
Casting long shadows over our time here.
The edges of the trees bask in the glow,
But the oncoming dark is what I fear.
What lurks in the places I cannot see?
There is a short amount of time that’s left
When those unknowns are released to be free,
So my long voyage home needs to be swift.
I can find safety behind that locked door;
The darkness cannot overtake me there.
Nobody comes and sees me anymore,
But with my hoarded light, I do not care.
I know I will have to face the darkness,
But until then I will hide in my nest.