Looking out my Bedroom Window – Around the World Day 36

Barcelona, Spain

I do have a bedroom window back in my apartment in Korea, but I never open the blinds to it. It is not that I do not like to look at the outside world, or that I consider it the place that I like to run to when it gets dark outside. It is more that when I open it up, it looks out on the room of my apartment that I use to dry my clothes in. It doesn’t even look outside. So when I was given the opportunity to have a window that would look out on many different locations while I took this trip, I was pretty excited, and decided I would take a picture of what it looked like from each of my rooms.

Salamanca, Spain

There was a variety of view that I was given from this trip and I was given a different perspective by looking out these windows. I know that sounds obvious. Of course, if I am in different parts of the world, my perspective will change from the different rooms I stay in. But that is not really what I mean. There is a certain amount of excitement with every new room that I make it to, and one of the first things I do when I get there is to open my window to look outside of it.

Madrid, Spain

In fact, if you ever get taken to your room by somebody that works at a hotel, the first thing they do when they enter it and show you around is to open up the blinds and show you the view that is coming from outside. Now of course they do this for the dramatic effect. The dark room that you had just entered becomes instantly bright and it allows a natural light show you what the rest of the room has to offer. But I think that there is another reason that they do it.

Lagos, Portugal

It shows you what is beyond the hotel room. It is what is beyond the hotel room that we travel in the first place. Granted, I do want a nice place to stay in. I even like the Air B+B movement that is going on now, because all of a sudden I get to enjoy a place that is more like a home away from home. And there is nothing worse than when you get a place that is a dump. I just never want to go back to the room because you just do not feel comfortable there.

Lisbon, Portugal

But the hotel room is not where the adventure lies. It is beyond the room that we talk about it. Very rarely do I come back from a trip and tell people about the room that I stayed in because I honestly do not spend that much time in the room in the first place. I came to the town in the first place so I could see the town that I am at, and the view from my bedroom window gives me the chance to feel the excitement of what the place I am has to offer. Sometimes I can even see the place’s most exciting feature crouched on a hill from where I stand in my room.

Castle Rock, Colorado

It is in those moments after the person who owns the place leaves me to my own devices that I feel the most anticipation of what is about to happen. I want to leave right then and there and get out among the people of the town and see what is out there. But I can’t leave my stuff behind and just run out of the room to join in the fun.

Denver, Colorado

I need to stop and think about what I have and how I want to take care of that stuff first. There is that few minutes where I need to get situated in the place I am staying first. I need to find a nice place for my luggage so I am not tripping over it when I get back. If I am in a neighborhood that might be a little seedy, I have to collect my valuables and make sure they are in a secured place. If I have taken a long trip to get to the spot, I need to relieve myself and freshen up a bit so I am not offending the people who I meet along the way.

West Linn, Oregon

And there is always that lure of what is going on outside of my window, telling me to hurry up with the process. I can see that chair and the table waiting for me. I can see the crowds of people shuffling by and exploring the same places I want to explore. I can see that adventure waiting to happen.

Black Butte Ranch, Oregon

I do not know if it is my favorite moment while traveling, but there is something magically about looking out that window for the first time. It is a snapshot of what the town I found myself in has to offer. It makes me feel like a kid at Christmas time looking under the tree with all the packages stuffed underneath it. They each give a hint of the fun hidden within, and it is only a short matter of time before I can enjoy it.

All of the pictures are from the various places I have stayed at during this trip, showing what it looks like from the bedroom window.



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