Golden Idols

Are we required to take the same leap,
In a land that claims freedom from such things?
But in a flock full of minded sheep,
The melodies that everyone sings
Must be bleating just like the one grazing
Next to you in the supple field of grass.
Shepherds will consider it amazing
That not one in their flock will be so cross
As to go off and try it on their own
Instead of emulating their neighbor.
For we must all pray to the same carved stone
Just like they have forced us to do before.
Does our faith come from an accurate voice
When our kind leaders take away our choice?

The Glow from the View in the Elements

I will not let the distance get between
The celebration I can have with you.
I will battle to make it to that scene
Where we can toast all that we have been through.
Not even the nastiest of weather
Will deter me from my ultimate goal.
It does not make the trek any further.
Though my ambition I believe it stole,
It only gives me a greater resolve
To plow ahead through the gathering snow.
Any problem you throw my way, I’ll solve.
My way is lighted by the party’s glow.
There is nothing like the final greeting
When it’s your family you are meeting.

Amusing Ourselves

“What would happen if your iPad was lost
And you had to find fun without a screen?”

“I would never let the item be tossed
Because I am attracted to its sheen.”

“But there is so much beyond that device
And you could live within reality.”

“I do not wish to have to pay the price
Of interaction with society.”

“Do you really think people are that bad
That you would prefer a video land?”

“I can always change to the latest fad
If my friends get a little out of hand.”

“Do electronics really make you glad?”

“Please stop this talk ’cause I love my iPad.”

The Fence

What is this fence between me and my fun?
What makes the players on the other side
Think that they reside on another sun
Where my kind won’t be allowed to abide?
Seeing them over there, getting their pets
Makes me ask why there are none over here.
This skinny line divides where the sun sets,
But the difference it creates is clear.
That is the land of opportunity
That likes to hold back from the land of none.
They believe in their superiority
Belongs to the history of their gun.
So I will just stand here and stare across
At the land of plenty which is my loss.

The Last Semester

It is already a tiring race
With many of the miles behind me.
I have kept up a strong and steady pace
And have moved through the pack expertly.
But as I know the end is within sight
And I think of the pain I have endured,
I begin to grow weary of this fight
With all its endurance that has been purged.
As my gaze ventured to the oasis
That shines brightly beyond the finish line,
I wish to join the tropical bliss
And the people drinking it fruity wine.
But I need to quit raging such a fuss
For it does nothing but kill my focus.

The Close of the Day

The sun sinks slowly over the meadow,
Casting long shadows over our time here.
The edges of the trees bask in the glow,
But the oncoming dark is what I fear.
What lurks in the places I cannot see?
There is a short amount of time that’s left
When those unknowns are released to be free,
So my long voyage home needs to be swift.
I can find safety behind that locked door;
The darkness cannot overtake me there.
Nobody comes and sees me anymore,
But with my hoarded light, I do not care.
I know I will have to face the darkness,
But until then I will hide in my nest.

A Toast on the Morning of New Year’s Day

Nowhere is the place we need to go to,
And we need to get there at anytime.
There we can meet up with ev’ryone who
Have found their pride in being past their prime.
We can make a toast to our empty glass
Remembering those specific moments
We have recorded from our future’s past,
Gift wrapped up to be given as presents.
Heavy hangovers will be shared by none,
Thinking on our individual sins,
But it does not matter what we have done
When we are judged by where action begins.
Mark your anytime you spend in nowhere
For no one finds it important to share.

The View from Quanary Peak

All of us can make it to the summit,
Only if we give out encouragement.
It does not matter if we are all fit,
Or how the cold of winter months spent.
It’s through the various conversations,
We will be able to ignore our pain.
It is through the loss of inhibitions,
We will value the friendships that we gain.
On the top, we’ll share our tribulations
And the obstacles we have overcome.
They now look like minor irritations
When we look at them at the height we’re from.
Community may not be what we seek,
But it’s what we found on top of this peak.

Memory’s Snapshot

I’ll have to put the camera away
And learn how to live in the moment.
The ocean begs for me to come and play,
Making the day worthy to have been spent.
On my tiny craft, I’ll travel the waves.
With my curiosity to guide me,
I will explore all the shore’s hidden caves
And marvel at the sights I get to see.
I’ll have to commit it to memory
Because I do not have the convenience
Of snapping a picture of the beauty,
Making it become my experience.
We cannot rely on technology
If we desire to truly be free.

What the Well Has to Offer

I have not even had a single sip,
Yet it feels as if the well has run dry.
I search my radar for a single drip
Of water, but no matter how I try
The well will not give me its refreshing draught.
So I continue to drop the bucket,
Hoping this time I do not get the shaft
And I will find a vein that will fill it.
I am not trying to be too greedy.
I am looking for a change of pace.
I don’t want to come across too needy
When all it is is water that I chase.
Please make this trip to the well worth my time,
Wanting some lifeblood should not be a crime.