Raindrop on a Bench

The drops of last night’s rain cling to the bench,
Hanging on to a fear of letting go.
Ever since they fell from the sky, they clench
To the only rail that they ever knew,
Beading into an individual
Bubble that appears like all of the rest.
They know that if they lose their grip and fall
Originality found in the nest
Will be lost upon reaching the puddle.
All those little things that made them distinct
Will be gone, gathered within the huddle,
When to the bench, he is no longer linked.
To continue to clutch on or to fall,
The choice that determines the fate of all.

Their Insanity

You’re as crazy as they want you to be,
And you don’t need to buy into that hype.
There is a certain man they want you to see,
And they wish to mold you into that type.
You may not follow the crowd the same way
That goes with the latest conformity,
And they claim that you call the night the day,
And that you have lost all your sanity.
But you need to stop them from forcing you
Into following the newest of trends,
But it’s nothing but you, you need to do,
Not collecting the fashionable friends.
Please know, we all have insanity,
Some are accepted by society.