The Great Debate

In the spirit of our competition,
I will cross the stage so I can shake your hand.
The audience has some expectation
That our exhibition will be so grand.
To see who goes first, we will flip a coin;
The other will pick the side they will take.
Ideas we’ll explore; clashes we’ll join
Will bring us to an agreement we’ll make.
Though it may seem like we are in a fight,
There is a greater purpose happening.
We will find a compromise that is right
That comes about from all this explaining.
The purpose for us to participate,
To learn what is right from our great debate.

Modern Negotiations

How can I be wrong when I’m always Right?
The problem comes with what is Left behind
After the compromise that comes from a fight,
Leaving the country direction that’s blind.
So I will act like an oak in strong wind,
I will stand tall on top of my lone hill,
And against the tumult, I will not bend,
No matter how much it brings about ill.
So you will begin to see things my way,
Giving me what I deem is Right for all.
Politics is the game I want to play,
Leaving in my wake, what is Left to fall.
I know that my legacy is at stake,
But I will never waver, only break.