Meow Wolf – Denver, Colorado

When I was making my plans to come to Denver for the Winter Break, I got in contact with my brother to see if you wanted to do something while I was out there. He told me that he had scheduled an entry time to Meow Wolf and if I would like to go with him and his family. I had no idea what Meow Wolf was, so I looked it up before I made a commitment to go. What I found out did not help much with telling me what Meow Wolf was, and as I attempt to explain it here, I am still not quite sure what it is even though I have been there.

From what I have learned, Meow Wolf started in Santa Fe, New Mexico at an old bowling alley. A bunch of artists got together and designed interactive rooms that connected with each other. They then charged people money to explore their creation, and it became so popular that they were able to open up two other sites, one in Las Vegas, and the other in Denver. After finding this out, I figured that it would be a fun way to spend a day, and decided to go with my brother and his family.

What I walked into was an experience unlike any I have ever had before. The exhibit (if that is what I should call it) sprawls out over three floors with various rooms that each have their nooks and crannies that you have to explore. Each corner that I walked into sent me to another thing that I had to look at and ponder. Each room had its own theme to it that told its own story with smaller parts that would expand on that story. Some of the room really spent time to flush out that story; whereas, others just did things that were weird.

For instance, there was one room that was designed like a trailer park home. In it there was a lot of surveillance equipment, and information about a beast called the yalp. It even had a collections of reference books and videos that you could sort through. On a big screen television there was a video feed out in the middle of the forest that was used to see if the person who lived there could catch sight of this elusive creature. If you stayed there long enough, you would be rewarded with the beast coming up to look directly into the camera.

It was quite the experience, and a lot of fun, but I don’t know if it was worth the $45 entry fee. I did like the fact that they had entry times to limit crowds and made sure that there were plenty of sanitizers stations around to make it safe during this weird time we are living. Despite all of these precautions, it is not an experience for everybody. There are a lot of weird sights that sometimes push the boundaries of what should be acceptable. Though it looks like the perfect place for kids to run around in, there is some more adult content in there. But if you have an imagination that likes to get itched from time to time, this could easily be the place for you. The stories that it tells are numerous and they will help create those stories of your own.

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