A Morning Respite

The mountain is shrouded in dark shadow,
Feeling encased in the hug of storm clouds.
The humidity makes the air hang low,
Clearing the morning streets of tourist crowds.
Under the protection of tile eaves,
I take a sip off of my first coffee,
Watching the shaking of the willow leaves.
The coming rain causes them to worry.
It forces me to take a life of ease,
Waiting for a time when I won’t get wet.
I’ll have to sit here and enjoy the breeze
To take within the moment that I get.
I’ll give the sky time to let out its tears.
There will be time for fun when it all clears.

One thought on “A Morning Respite”

  1. John Collings was raised in Colorado where he has lived most of his life. While there he has had many occupations including bartender, television floor manager, disc jockey, and teacher. His first novel, “Hell, and God, and Nuns with Rulers”, takes from his experience at educating students at an alternative high school and the rich landscape of the Front Range in Colorado. His next adventure takes him overseas to teach students in South Korea while continuing to work on his next novels.


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