An Important Message about Tide Pods – Around the World Day 21

Yesterday was the next large jump on my trip around the world where I flew all the way across the Atlantic Ocean back to home town of Colorado. And even though I am very happy to back in the States, I really did not have many exciting experiences from yesterday considering most of time was spent on a plane watching bad movies, and nobody wants to hear about that experience. If you do, just Google 1990’s comedians and you will get enough examples about bad airplane food. Because of this, I wanted to talk about a very important subject, Tide Pods.

Even though the recent media sensation about the Tide Pod Challenge has died down recently, I thought this might be a good time to bring up what people could do with all of those Tide Pods that they have lying around their house that they don’t know what to do with. I know some people have tried using them as toys and decorations, but they have not earned the joy that the challenge brought them, but I thought they might give this idea a try. They can use them for laundry.

One of the things I have learned through my years of travel is that the best way to enjoy it is to travel light. Find the things that you absolutely need and take only those things. This way you can carry you gear easily and you don’t have to worry about waiting in long lines to pick up your bags when you finally land at you destination. This mean bringing only a couple of pairs of pants, and five or six shirts. The big question is what to do with those pants, and shirts when they start to smell like feet, because they will eventually begin to smell like feet. It is a simple fact of life when you live out of one bag, things start to smell like feet. Some people might think that they could just throw their smelly clothes away and buy new ones as they go. And even though Aldous Huxley’s World State might like this option, there is a better one that I think you will enjoy more. This is where Tide Pods come in handy.

You can find these handy devices all around the world, and they make the perfect traveling companion. You can bring five or six of them with you and keep them in a small baggie, so when you find you need to clean your clothes, you can run off to your local laundry mat and use one of them to bring a freshness to your clothes that does not smell like feet. Some place I have stayed in have even supplied their guests with a small washing machine and a clothesline. Your clothes might not have the fluffiness of just coming out of dryer, but it with have that fresh Springtime smell to them that you can only get by drying your clothes outside. And if you are completely desperate, you can use one of these Tide Pods in a sink of water, and it will dissolve enough where you can give your clothes the scrubbing that they need and find places around the room where you can hang them up to dry. I have found myself in the situation enough during my travels around the world, and I am happy to say that both my clothes and I have survived all of these challenges. And the crazy thing is that people still want to talk to me because I do not smell like feet. Nobody wants to talk to somebody who smells like feet. Try talking to your neighbor’s foot after a day of wearing sweaty socks, and you will understand why.

So even though the Tide Pods have fallen out fashion, do not walk by them when you go to the store on your next adventure because they still hold value. You can use them for this new purpose and everybody will be happier including those EMT whose jobs have become easier because they no longer have to pump random people’s stomachs.

This post was written without the knowledge of the Tide Corporation and clearly represents the views and opinions of the writer of this blog.

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