A Party Presents Itself – Around the World Day 15

One of the things I love about traveling through Europe during the summer is the fact that there is always something always going on that you had not planned for. There have been many times through my travels where I have run into a party already in progress, and have just gone with the flow of it. This is what happened yesterday when Lagos put on a World Beer Tour. It wasn’t the best beer festival I have been to because it mainly had mass produced beer that it offered, but it was still an opportunity to get together with the locals and see how they have fun during the hot months.

This happens no matter where you go. You just need to be up to the option of letting all of your plans go because the moment is meant to be enjoyed. Whether this is a celebration of the old town, or a soccer match that means a lot to the people there. Just become a part of the community for that day, and you will know what it is like to live there.

So with that in mind, Cheers.

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